Standing Rigging



Standing Rigging 

Whether its a replacement rig, modifications or a completely new design we can cover all aspects of standing rigging to keep your mast standing in the toughest conditions. We also offer full rig tuning, inspections and are always happy to provide a quote for replacment.



Sta-lok Terminals are leading industry manufactues supplying the highest quality rigging wire, fittings and architecural rod systems. We are proud to supply their prodctut and their support as our primary rigging supplier


We can supply.. 

  • Wire constructions all in 316 stainless steel - 1x19, 7x7, 7x19, compac and 1x19 pvc covered

  • Roll swaging  

  • Talurit swaging

  • Swageless terminals 

  • Soft rigging in Dyneema grades DM20 and SK78

  • A large range of stainless steel wire terminals

  • High quality rigging screws in bronze and stainless bodies

  • Architecural rigging and rod systems