We offer welding and fabrication services primarilaly working with 316 stainless steel for parts in a marine enviroment, although we are happy to work in other sectors aswell.  Our primary welding process is TIG, but also have on site short circut MIG and MMA welding processes. To aid in fabrciating we also have small turning/machining capbabilietes, tube bending and tube rolling, sheet metal folding, 


Common fabrication projects we make include... 

  • Handrails, Stainchions, Pushpits, Pullpits 
  • Solar arches and gantries 
  • Custom deck and mast fittings 
  • A-frames and tabernakles 
  • Spreyhood/bimimi hoops and genral tube work for covers 
  • Bronze bushings
  • Custom furniture, ktichen units